Mobile Application Development

We pride ourselves in keeping tabs with the latest trends in the innovation realm. For this reason, we recognize that mobile devices are increasingly becoming popular by the day. To assist you in gaining a crucial edge over your competitors we have a host of mobile application development technology designed to take your online business to the next level.

Therefore, whether it is via a standalone Android application or a custom iPhone, iPad app, we are committed to helping you conquer the last frontier by extending your enterprise’ reach beyond a fixed desktop computer location.

Key Areas of Mobile Development Expertise

iOS App Development

Tap into our iOS development talent-pool to build beautiful apps, enterprise-grade mobile solutions, or engaging games.

Android App Development

Develop powerful, highly usable Android apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand.

Cross-Platform Development

Cut your development and maintenance costs with cross-platform apps that work seamlessly on iOS, Android, and more.

As a leading mobile app development company in Vietnam, we pride ourselves as being one of the best when it comes to developing, designing and deploying mobile applications for multiple mobile platforms such as native and crossed platforms Android and IOS (iPad and iPhone).

We will help propel your business to success by providing you quality and unique mobile app development services that will meet your current customer demands.

As a company, we have tremendous experience in developing customer centric mobile applications for various platforms.

Our highly skilled staffs will deliver flexible end product that will suit your needs. In addition to that, we also have enhancement capabilities that enables us to provide value addition to mobile applications features like social networking, beacons BLE technologies, GPS tracking as well as API integration.

Mobile application development services that we provide:

  • iPhone Application Development

    The iPhone has without a doubt revolutionized the world of smartphones by providing a consistent, functional, and decently-operating
    device that runs smoothly and hosts a multitude of useful apps. For this sole reason, the popularity and usage
    of iPhone apps have skyrocketed immensely over the last five years alone. And being one of the revered iPhone app development
    franchises in the city, we have the requisite personnel and experience of building superb iPhone apps services for our
    clientele. Our iPhone apps development protocol is guided by the strict iOS coding standard by which we adhere religiously.

  • Custom iPad Application Development

    It goes without saying that very few devices can utilize the versatility of mobile applications like Apple’s iPad. This also
    explains why the popularity of this gadget has quadrupled over the past four years. As a leading web application firm in
    Vietnam, we will help you take advantage of this by designing custom-made apps that are particularly coded to make full
    use of the excellent and sophisticated underlying iOS platform.

  • Android Application Development

    iOS might be one of the most efficient platforms, but Android has been the king of mobile software ever since the inception
    of the first modern smartphone. And this makes Android apps some of the most downloaded and utilized mobile software
    programs around the world. As an entrepreneur, having a host of Android apps to represent your business can mean the
    difference between reaching millions of potential users and being confined to your local geographical area.

  • Crossed Platform Application Development

    As much as we have a few popular platforms as far as mobile applications go, there are several new and emerging players.
    All these platforms regularly compete by striving to launch new and unique apps to entice users. As a result, having your
    business’ mobile application engineered to a single platform only disadvantages your ability to reach many users who are
    using other players. On the other end of the spectrum, coming up with a single dedicated platform to match the likes of
    Windows and Android is not only time-consuming but also expensive. This is where we customarily come in.

    As a leading Vietnam mobile development firm, we have refined the art of cross-platform mobile apps development to
    allow our customer’s apps to run on as many separate platforms as possible. We make use of top technologies such as
    React JS, Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin to come up with some of these crossed-platforms mobile apps. This affordable alternative
    is also geared to enable a client employ resources such as HTML5 and phone gap easily.

  • Mobile Application Development

    Apart from helping you take your business to the next level through the use of reliable and quality mobile apps, we also
    have the machinery in place to maintain, support and upgrade these apps regularly. We recognize how important it is for
    your business apps to run smoothly and remain at par with the current standards, and that’s the reason we have a department
    dedicated to making sure that all our clientele’s applications are well-primed.

  • Mobile Application Maintenance And Support

    We not only develop quality and reliable mobile apps for our clients, we also have a system that enables us to maintain
    and support our client’s apps.

    As a company we, know that maintaining an app is critical for its overall success and that is why we have a department that
    is dedicated to ensure our client apps are functioning well. Therefore, when you choose us, you can be sure that we will
    always be there for you.

Starting a project is easy — just drop us an email briefly describing your project, and a member
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