Custom Software Development Services

Our experience in customized software development which spans for more than a decade comprises an array of proprietary and open-source technologies primed to enable us to execute some of the most complex and challenging software development projects. Not only does this enable us to meet our customer’s expectations and requirements but also uphold our excellent working standards that we are known for.

How it Works

Just from the project launch, you will appreciate and recognize our team’s flawless business domain expertise, technology skills, and extremely smart project management prowess. The rest of the process, which ranges from business process modeling, support & maintenance to user training bears the signature of our elite skills.

Like most top software development gurus, we often subdivide our custom software development tasks into several iterative steps which have the following objectives;

  • Reliability: Each successive step is mainly designed to satisfy all accepted software development standards.
  • Transparency: Each step or block of work is done in a timely manner and on a reasonable budget.
  • Time-to-market: As much as we make use of iterations, each delivery is independent on its own and can be used right away.
Our custom software development services include:
1. Custom Web Apps Development

We are experts in developing feature-rich sites, custom web applications, and portals for both internet-focused projects and general corporate use. Typical examples include online servicing, e-commerce, social networking, order processing, and much more.

2. Enterprise Solutions Development

We have a combination of deep expertise and solid skills to take on a variety of seemingly complex projects from different levels. Our seasoned experience in Resource Planning, Business Process Management, Collaboration, Customer Relationship Management, among other varying business domains enables us to provide our clients with top customized web solutions.

3. SaaS Solutions Development

We deliver an all-inclusive SaaS model solution deployment, development, and support. As far as this goes, our services encompass integration of new SaaS solution and development of custom plug-ins.

4. Custom Mobile Application Development

We are here to improve your customer service, expand your sale worthiness, and double your branding and marketing efforts. Unlike our competitors, we will not just bridge some of the most common mobile platforms such as Android, iOS, and Window Mobile but connect your employees and customers to corporate systems as well. Overall, we have the capacity to create a client application or a mobile software product tailored to third-party or your own service.

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Already from the project launch, you will recognize and appreciate Saigon Technology Software’s team technology skills, business domain expertise and smart project management – from initial requirements definition and business process modeling to user training and solution support & maintenance.

We usually suggest splitting the whole project into several iterations (well-defined periods of time with fixed goals and deliverables). Such iterative approach has the following advantages:

  • Reliability: Each iteration delivery is done on time and on budget.
  • Transparency: Each delivery is a subject for acceptance procedures to confirm all the requirements have been met.
  • Time-to-market: Each delivery contains some of the expected functionality and can be put to use right away.

Custom Development Project Examples

Over the years, we have completed over 300 successful development projects, a small fraction of which are listed below. Be sure to browse a much larger portfolio, or get in touch if you need additional information on a project.

Helloclaims – Insurance Application
Loan Management System

Helloclaims – Insurance Application

HelloClaim web application was developed for company which provides a motor vehicle assessing service to insurance companies and fleet companies.

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Loan Management System

Notification at user’s home page when a customer who is managed by that user has to make a payment. Notification should be showed by specific number of days which should be configurable

View Project


We have 15 years experience in custom software development services. Our expertise comprises a comprehensive set of open-source and proprietary technologies that allows us to execute the most challenging and complex projects and satisfy customer requirements, expectations and preferences.


An extensive hands-on implementation experience allows Saigon Technology Software to extract only the most efficient practices from all the used methodologies taking into account only real needs in the efficient, transparent and predictable process. We provide mature and quality project management, focusing on the vital elements:


Reliable quality assurance is an essential part of any implementation methodology. Saigon Technology Software has a highly professional and well-equipped independent QA department that takes control over your software quality assurance and audit.


We have solid skills and deep expertise in building enterprise solutions of various complexity levels. Our experience in Business Process Management, Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Collaboration and other business domains allows us to provide our customers with the best-practice custom solutions.


Saigon Technology Software develops feature-rich custom web applications, sites and portalsfor corporate and internet-focused projects: E-commerce, Online Servicing and Order Processing, Social Networking and much more.


Saigon Technology helps extend your sales, customer service and marketing efforts to the most popular mobile platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and others. We can help you connect your customers and employees to corporate systems, create a mobile software product or a client application to your own or third-party information service.


Saigon Technology delivers a full-cycle SaaS model solution development, deployment and support. Our services include custom plug-ins development and integration for SaaS solutions you may already use or plan to use.
Our slogan: Your success is our mission. We focus 100% our effort on your success.
Please have a look at our portfolio to learn more about our capability: custom web and mobile application portfolio.
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