Ideal POS PTY. Australia

    Idealpos have been producing stock control Point of Sale software for over 16 years, predominately for the hospitality industry. Roughly every 2 years we release a new major version of the software incorporating a lot of new features, design changes and product updates. Over this time the hardware and industries we service have changed significantly, which requires constant updating of software to keep up with market trends.

    We have well over 10,000 installations in Australia and throughout the world including New Zealand, Singapore, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, UAE, Saudi Arabia, UK and more. Idealpos has many features added due to feedback from our customers, ensuring we are giving them what we want, not what we think they need.



    With a global reseller network that is constantly expanding, and technology making the world a smaller place, there is nowhere in the world we won’t go to help with Idealpos.