Customer Community Services

    Customer Community is a leading provider of websites, email marketing solutions and customer databases.
    Whatever phase of interactive evolution your company is in, they have a solution to produce proven results.

    Customer Community has been developing web and email marketing solutions since 2000. They have gained an enviable reputation as one of Australia’s most forward thinking development companies. Their expertise encompasses all aspects of software and web development including design, web coding, custom applications, search optimization and email marketing.

    • Customer Community allows for the rapid publishing and broadcasting of news flashes, email newsletters and customer / member communications. It is completely template driven and complements your existing online presence.
    • It runs in the user’s browser with a familiar easy to use interface.
    • Users can be trained in 2 hours. New staff can quickly adapt.
    • Centralize all of your customer and lead lists (spreadsheets, outlook contacts, accounts records) into one central easy to use customer database with simple CRM functionality.
    • Supports full tracking of sends, opens and reads of newsletters and articles.
    • Customer Community is externally hosted to minimize corporate network congestion and to maximize newsletter deliver-ability.